Cooper is an American tire manufacturer, founded in 1914 by two brothers-in-law M and M Manufacturing Company in Akron, Ohio. She started a factory for the production of material for tire repair, tire cement and repair kits. They bought the Giant Tire & Rubber Company of Akron, and shortly thereafter they left for Findlay, Ohio where they merged with the auto parts manufacturer IJ Cooper to focus on the production of new tires. Since its establishment, the current Coopertires has grown steadily through purchases and mergers in America itself, but also in England, Eastern Europe and Asia. Coopertires produces tires for passenger cars, vans, SUVs and trucks. Cooper produces under its own name but also has a number of other brands under its flag, such as:Avon, Dean, Mastercraft, Mickey Thompson, Roadmaster and Starfire .

Cooper tires, a selection

Coopertires has its own technical innovation center, which strives for continuous improvement of performance and quality. In addition, Coopertires also has a testing facility near San Antonio, Texas where all Cooper tires are thoroughly tested. In our range we have a wide selection of Cooper tires. For the passenger car we have for example the summer tire "Cooper Cobra Radial G / T", the all-season tire "Cooper Trendsetter SE" or the winter tire "Cooper Weather-Master S / T2". For the SUV we have for example the summer tires: "Cooper Discoverer AT3" and the "Cooper Discoverer SRX" and the winter tires: "Cooper Discoverer M + S" and the "Cooper Weather-Master WSC". We also have Cooper tires in our webshop for pick-ups. E.g. the "Cooper Discoverer STT PRO" For more detailed guide about this, check out cooper discoverer st maxx reviews

Consider your driving style when buying new summer tires

The summer tires with which you equip your car determine the contact with the road. The quality of that contact is first and foremost essential for your safety. But it also greatly influences your 'feeling' when driving and steering. Every tire has specific characteristics. One tire gives a sporty sensation when driving, while the other offers a safe and solid feeling.That is why when buying new summer tires it is wise to reflect on your driving style. Your tires and rims must first and foremost match your make and type of car. The best thing is if they also fit together perfectly. That is why we put together unique sets that match the look and feel you want. We have a unique range of original 'wheel sets' for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini, VW and Audi.

Different summer tires, different characteristics

With a new car it generally applies that the summer tires with which your car is delivered fit well with the brand and type. But if you are going to buy new summer tires, it is best to abandon them. For example, you can opt for a more robust appearance, or for summer tires with features that match your priorities.

If you are on the road a lot, you probably attach extra importance to the safety and durability of your tires. If you drive an average number of kilometers per year and driving is more than moving from A to Z, it is a challenge to involve your driving style in your choice. Do you drive in a particularly sporty way and do you like to bend over a little? Then get informed about summer tires that emphasize that.

Buy new summer tires in time

Whether you drive quietly and for business, or smooth and sporty, your summer tires will always wear out. The quality is getting better and more durable and tires last much longer than before, but there will come a time when buying new summer tires can no longer be delayed. Our advice is: always ensure the correct tire pressure and have your tires checked in good time. Do not wait until the minimum allowable profile depth of 1.6 mm has been reached. Your safety and your comfort are involved.